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Site card! Why not now?

08 2012 10:13:28

Sooner or later all will have its own web site. So why not now?

Not all necessary corporate websites or portals goals. Start you business cards from the site. This type of site is perfect for exploring network users with your business.

Usually the online business card contains multiple pages, such as:

  • Information about the company or person;
  • Directory;
  • History;
  • Contact page with contact form to send messages.

Also, the site can add cards:

  • Page user reviews;
  • Page of questions and answers;
  • Photo gallery.

So we provide site design business cards for the symbolic price quickly and efficiently!

Your site card may be, as the CMS Wordpress, Joomla, and completely unique - written from scratch to your needs! Create a small website includes:

  • Development of a unique design (as it can be proposed option you design the site);
  • Layout template;
  • Setting a template for a CMS and setting or programming of an individual site.

If your site need additional function - that is a list of additional modules. You can also offer a unique design of the module, if this is found in the list of suggestions. Buy online business card you can with us.

Also you can get a discount of 20% if the site makes a purchase directly on our website under "Order site.

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