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We offer services for the development of the internet shop based on a powerful CMS Magento Commerce

11 ѳ 2012 17:24:40
  • Development unikalkalnoho design for your theme;
  • Configure Magento for the success of online commerce;
  • Engaged in support and maintenance of existing online stores based CMS Magento Commerce;
  • Import / export data from one shop to another;
  • Filling your online store goods;
  • Update CMS Magento Commerce;
  • Development of additional modules for Magento;
  • Setup payment systems, in your shop;
  • Advice on CMS Magento Commerce.

Why your online store should be just based on CMS Magento Commerce?

Magento CMS - is the most professional, versatile, convenient platform for conducting commerce. Structure and facilities owned by CMS Magento Commerce makes it a leader among other CMS. Magento use for their projects, companies such as Samsung, Nokia, Skype, Zend and not very many lesser-known companies.

CMS Magento Commerce is constantly developing Ukrainian programmers. But, for example, payment methods or delivery are designed for people all over Europe and America. Standard version CMS Magento Commerce has the following methods of payment:

  • Payment by credit card;
  • PayPal;
  • Payflow Pro;
  • Transfer of bank;
  • Payment by check;
  • In cash upon receipt of goods;

In addition to these methods, if necessary, you can install free plug-ins after payment.

At the expense of delivery, everything is very simple. You have to choose a convenient delivery option, including the following ways:

  • Spreadsheet calculation delivery - Table rates;
  • A fixed cost of delivery - Flat Rate;
  • Free Shipping Free shipping;
  • Delivery service UPS;
  • Service delivery USPS;
  • Delivery service FedEx;
  • Delivery service DHL.

Here, if necessary, you can set additional free delivery modules such as Local Pickup or Multiple tables rate. These methods in most cases meet the requirements of the store.

For example using the Multiple tables rate, you can choose the method and delivery region. Depending on this choice, you can calculate shipping costs.


Also in CMS Magento Commerce is the ability to create online store on your preferred language. To do this, download the package from the official site of localization.

Very strong party CMS Magento Commerce is a huge built-in functionality. In this article we list the key features you only:

  • From one administrative part can be controlled by a commercial network of online stores on different domains, languages, with different product portfolio;
  • Flexible design nalashtunky ("themes" and "templates"), showcases;
  • Prices in different currencies;
  • Multilingualism;
  • A wide range of payment methods and delivery;
  • Discounts / coupons;
  • And much more.

On the possibility of CMS Magento Commerce can talk long, but should only try in practice and once you understand how it*s cool. Have your own online store based CMS Magento Commerce with us and we will tell more about this system.

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