Website development

Additional modules Additional modules

The list of additional modules that can be useful to you on the site. To select a module, simply copy the name, or the number and type them in the order form the site.




1 User registration Often, customers are confused user registration form - in this article an explanation, what the difference. 500
2 Guestbook Guestbook 500
3 Comments Users have the opportunity to comment on publications Site 100
4 2-level menu 2-level menu 50
5 3-level menu 3-level menu 70
6 Rating publications Site Evaluation of user publications 70
7 Poll System survey: questions, options, results 300
8 Banner rotator The effect of changing graphics or text banners 30
9 Random quote, article, etc. At each loading pages - changing random content ... 30
10 RSS RSS 30
11 Gallery Gallery 300-500
12 Photos of albums Photos of albums 500
13 News Page Dynamic pages where periodically publish information 70
14 Categorization News Categorization News 30
15 Tag Cloud Tag Cloud 30
16 Static price list Static price list 30
17 Dynamic price list Dynamic price list 100
18 Recommendations form the second If users like your site, it can send a friend a letter of recommendation from the links to your site. Ability to send email from your site simply by entering your Email and Email friend. 70
19 Script recommendations Friend Script recommendations Friend 100
20 The script online support The script online support 500
21 Script support service Script support service 500
22 Static banners 1 pc. 30
23 Dynamic banners 1 pc. 100
24 Flash banners 1 pc. 100