Website development

Online business card

Online business card - SAYTYKSimple site, approximately 5 pages designed to familiarize users with the activities of your company.

At these sites place:

  • - data about a form;
  • - information about the activity;
  • - products and services;
  • - contact information.

Price from 1000 grn.

Corporate website

Corporate website - SAYTYKCorporate site used to work with partners and customers.

Pages of corporate site:

  • - about company (news, history, vacancies);
  • - business and useful information (articles, tips, questions and answers);
  • - products and services;
  • - contact information.

Price from 1500 grn.

Promotional website

Promotional website - SAYTYKThe site is intended for advertising.

Advertising a product, service or event.

Advertising sites as consisting of one or of many pages, database, user registration.

Price from 2000 grn.

Online Shop

Online Shop - SAYTYKThe site includes:

  • - categories of products;
  • - complete description and price of products;
  • - search for products and etc.

Price from 3000 grn.


Blog - SAYTYKA blog can be a purely personal for the circle of friends and can be thematic.

The structure of blog:

  • - publication;
  • - category of publications;
  • - tags;
  • - information about the author and topics of blog;
  • - contact information.

Price from 1000 grn.

Internet portal

Internet portal - SAYTYKThis type of site is the most complex structure.

Pages of site:

  • - news;
  • - article;
  • - advertisement board;
  • - rating;
  • - forum;
  • - statistics;
  • - poll and etc

Price from 3000 grn.

Why do you need a website?

Why do you need a websiteAim at everyone. Now the site is not just a set of several pages, it's the structure, which should be developed. The site should be profitable, to be visited and constantly updated.

With each passing day, the number of Internet users is growing. In addition, the number of sites. And no longer need to convince anyone that the site is necessary for the business.

So why do need a website? To form the image of the company to liaise with clients, increase the new bonds on the market of information products and services to increase sales, etc.

The stages of creating the site

    1. The signing of the contract and completion of technical tasks;

2. Creating a design;

3. Approval of design;

4. Coding;

5. Programming;

6. Testing;

7. Hosting;

8. Submit site and signing completed work.

In developing the site, depending on the specification, we use new technology such as html5 and css3.

We think over the best structure for a good site indexing by search engines. Also, we offer you a lot of helpful information on SEO, various methods of promotion. And if you want you can promote your website from us.

Regardless of the type of site, at the time of work, we write to you video tutorials on updating your website and web hosting. All the same, but the video is better than a few pages of documentation.

Why do you need a websiteWe offer development sites in Lviv, Ivano-Frankovsk and in general - in Ukraine. If necessary, leave to the desired city. Most have contacts (depending on the customer's request) in the online mode, which saves time for us and the custome

If necessary, we are engaged in promotion and updating websites. We create static, animated and flash banners.

Recommended reliable hosting and domai

News and interesting articles

08 2012

Site card! Why not now?

Sooner or later all will have its own web site. So why not now?

Not all necessary corporate websites or portals goals. Start you business cards from the site. This type of site is perfect for exploring network users with your business.

Usually the online business card contains multiple pages, such as:

  • Information about the company or person;
  • Directory;
  • History;
  • Contact page with contact form to send messages.

Also, the site can add cards:

  • Page user reviews;
  • Page of questions and answers;
  • Photo gallery.

So we provide site design business cards for the symbolic price quickly and efficiently!

28 ѳ 2012

Now you can order E-shop on credit without interest!

To order online store on credit - write us a letter, which specify the type of order "Internet shop on credit," and the description that you want to see your online store.

We will send you an e-mail terms of reference required. On the basis of technical specifications define the overall price of creating an online store. Then we will sign an agreement to develop Internet-shop loans, which will see the amount, timing and number of payments


Ordering in store credit - you do not overpay.

Develop E-commerce based on Magento. This article presents some key features and benefits of Magento.

Contact information can be found here. Mail can contact form on Saytyku, or from your e-mail.

11 ѳ 2012

We offer services for the development of the internet shop based on a powerful CMS Magento Commerce

  • Development unikalkalnoho design for your theme;
  • Configure Magento for the success of online commerce;
  • Engaged in support and maintenance of existing online stores based CMS Magento Commerce;
  • Import / export data from one shop to another;
  • Filling your online store goods;
  • Update CMS Magento Commerce;
  • Development of additional modules for Magento;
  • Setup payment systems, in your shop;
  • Advice on CMS Magento Commerce.